Mansfield Textiles are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of bespoke apparel and technical fabrics. Our Vertically Integrated Manufacturing factories offers the complete solution for all of your apparel and technical fabric requirements.

  • Bespoke Apparel
  • Technical Fabrics
  • White label service
  • Complete solution

Operating from our London headquarters ensures a consistent presence in the world’s leading fashion capital. Our manufacturing units and factories in India, China, Pakistan and England look after the entire production process from converting the yarn into fabric, tailoring your apparel using the latest machinery, personalisation and branding of your garments and we look after the logistics via sea or air. With our strategically situated offices and partners in Australia, Singapore, Dubai and the US we have our finger on the pulse with changing trends.



Our DNA and driving force is about providing our customers with an exceptional product and service that is competitively priced, allowing you to focus on developing your brand. With 25 years of experience in textiles, design and apparel production we have the infrastructure to tailor and personalise unique and bespoke garments to your requirements. We work with you to hone in and transform your concept into product, whilst maintaining the perfect balance of your brands image.

Our process starts with a consultation of your ideas and requirements, taking into consideration fabrics, patterns, sizing, colours, branding, delivery times and your budget. Our Vertically Integrated Manufacturing service gives us the ability to handle small and full scale production. We are renowned for industry record turnaround times, our customers include multinational businesses, international sports governing bodies, sports brands, designers and entrepreneurs.

Flexible costing, quality control from prototype to shipment and exemplary standards of social compliance deliver on the “quality meets value” expectations of today’s marketplace.



Our Attributes

  • Vertically Integrated Manufacturing “VIM”
  • Factories situated in the leading manufacturing cities
  • Offices located globally so we can offer total customer satisfaction and keeping up with current fashion trends
  • Product Design and Sampling
  • Fabric and Garment Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Merchandising
  • Responsive logistics via airfreight and sea freight
  • WRAP certified factory and SEA compliance by Adidas